Below is a sampling of the standard services we provide. We will work together to determine your specific needs and help make your home dreams a reality!

We provide a wide range of services to fit your unique needs & budget

Design Consultation

The first step for any successful project! We want to get to know you, your needs & listen to your ideas. Typically 30 minutes, we will set up a phone call or meet virtually depending on your preference. We will talk about which of our services suit your space best and ultimately create a plan to make it happen together!

macbook pro on brown wooden table
macbook pro on brown wooden table

Exterior Mood Board

This is for the homeowner looking for some additional curb appeal. If you would like an exterior refresh, we can provide a design board full of suggestions to include, but not limited to:

  • Colors

  • Materials

  • Paint

  • Light Fixtures

  • Shutters

  • Window Boxes

  • House Numbers

  • Landscape


Exterior Render

The exterior render is bringing to life your existing ideas or the suggestions we give in the exterior mood board. This visualization provides added clarity and peace of mind before making any big decisions! We will take a photo of your home & digitally implement its exterior makeover.


Home Organization

We love to design down to the very last detail! No space is too small for us to optimize & make beautiful. We organize the following:

  • Closet

  • Dresser

  • Pantry

  • Kitchen Drawers

  • Medicine Cabinets

  • Garage

silver utensils in drawer
silver utensils in drawer

Interior Mood Board (Room)

We can create an interior mood board for any room in your home. We will provide inspiration & ideas in the form of color palettes, design styles, furniture suggestions, art & decor. We offer multiple rooms simultaneously for an added level of cohesion throughout your home or we can focus on one space at a time.

  • Living

  • Kitchen

  • Bedroom

  • Bath

  • Office

  • Guest

  • Kids/ Nursery


Interior Product Board (Room)

In designing your product board, we pull inspiration directly from the mood board and provide specific items for purchase. We will suggest actual pieces of furniture, art, decor & wallcoverings with links (if online) and photos (if in-store) and retailers.


Room Refresh

A room refresh is for someone who wants a little bit of help pulling together the final touches in their space! Maybe it's a painted accent wall or choosing the right art & accessories to bring everything together. We will listen to your needs and suggest a few small updates.


Complete Remodel

If you would like to make a big change, we offer designs for a full remodel. We will work with you to configure a new layout that best suits your lifestyle! Once we settle on a layout, we will work on selecting new finishes and interior components.

man climbing on ladder inside room
man climbing on ladder inside room

Plans (New Home & Additions)

We offer full construction plans for any size renovation, addition or a complete new build project! We will create & package the construction documents directly for your contractor or for permitting.



We know permitting can be complex and time consuming. We will handle the process! Whether it's our design or plans from another professional, we will use our expertise to navigate the system so you don't have to.


Styling & Install

Styling and install is the final step in your project! We will come into your home and make the designs a reality. This entails installing/building furniture, hanging art, and styling your accessories.


Home Staging

Trying to sell your home? We will create value for you and potential buyers with beautiful furniture & art provided with a seamless home staging service.


Seasonal Design

Seasonal design is one of our favorite services we provide. We believe in celebrating life's changing seasons and encouraging lasting traditions. Christmas and Fall are our most popular requests. Whether designing a unique table-scape or eye-catching entryway, we will help you make special memories with your family!

red bauble on green christmas tree
red bauble on green christmas tree